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Disneyland Railroad Steam Engines

Engine #1-C.K. Holiday

American 4-4-0, built by WED, in Burbank in 1955,

modelled after Walt's backyard engine "Lilly Belle,"

originally from the blueprints of the Central Pacific

#173, obtained by Walt from the Sacremento Train


Engine #2-E.P. Ripley

American 4-4-0, built by WED in 1955 in Burbank,

using the same specification as the C.K. Holiday,

but with the cosmetics of a turn of the century

passenger steam engine.

Engine #3-Fred Gurley

2-4-4T, built originally as a 0-4-4T by Baldwin in

1894 Philadelphia bought by Godchaux Sugar Refinery

in 1895.  Later bought by Roger Broggie for Disney

in 1957, where refit as a 2-4-4T and commissioned

at Disneyland in 1958.

Engine #4-Ernest S. Marsh

2-4-0, built originally as an 0-4-0T saddletank by

Baldwin in Philadelphia in 1925 and used by the

Raritan River Sand Company.  Bought again by Roger

Broggie for Disney in 1958, and refit for Disneyland

and commissioned in 1959.

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